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Printmaking Services

Rush Creek Editions is one of the premier digital fine art printing studios in the United States. Located in Santa Fe New Mexico, owned and operated by master printmaker, Steve Zeifman. Working intimately with artists, Steve and his staff create box set portfolios, limited edition and individual prints from original art, including: photography, paintings, illustrations, ephemera, digital files, film negatives, transparencies. These prints are, in a word, stunning -- offering a rich, deep and finely detailed interpretation of the artist's vision at the moment of creation.

Only pigment ink sets are used in the creation of all prints as well as the 100% cotton rag, acid-free papers for archival stability. Specific papers or special coated stocks and materials such as rice paper, linen, silk, canvas and aluminum are chosen in consultation with the artist as to finish, texture, brightness and of course image size. For more information on archival stability please visit Wilhelm Research.

Black and white and mono-tone printing has become a reality here at Rush Creek. The quality is superb, sometimes allowing for more detail than any conventional silver printing process and is available in any of the sizes we currently offer.   See Rate card.

Rush Creek Editions also provides 'filmless', high resolution, BetterLight large format scanning of original reflective art; painting, illustrations, drawings, large photographs, historic images as well as dimensional objects. This is the finest way to reproduce art and does not need to have a camera transparency or negative created and scanned. The BetterLight system is also available on location at your studio or gallery. Please call for a quote. Custom scans are provided for film and prints.   See Rate card.